Special Guest, Lady Redgrave and Her Admirers
Two of my favorite British films are TOM JONES and GEORGY GIRLLynn Redgrave first appeared in a bit part in 1963's Best Film TOM JONES, in which Rachel Kempson played Squire Allworthy's sister, later revealed as Tom Jones' real mother in the Henry Fielding novel (written, in large part at Hagley Hall, where I hope to film much of MORNINGSTONE)TOM JONES opens like a silent film with superimposed titles and a brilliant harpsichord score played by Philip Moores' father, Michael Moores.  As for GEORGY GIRL, no one who has seen the film could ever forget Lynn Redgrave's Best Actress nominated performance, or the catchy title tune performed by The Seekers, but did you know that Rachel Kempson played the part of James Mason's bedridden wife, whose sudden, unexpected death allowed the millionaire to pursue Georgy in earnest and paved the way for her triumph? 
Lady Redgrave (Rachel Kempson), signs a program for another of her many devoted fans.  The Marquis of Blandford, son of the 11th Duke of Marlborough, asserts that the Redgraves are Britain's premiere theatrical dynasty and I can tell you that both Lynn and Lady Redgrave are delightful company, full of stories about the theater and film making.  During intermission, Lady Redgrave told me I was doing a wonderful job and not to worry about forgetting lines.  “We all do, you know,” she said, “and you have so many to remember!”  Her kindness was a tonic deeply appreciated, then and now.