Cinematographer Peter Anderson and Lisa
“Now, let the course be set
And if the Muse sings true
When the dragon sails
There'll be a bench for you
In my Long Ship.”

Travis Edward Pike
Director of photography Peter Anderson, who labored hard and long to pull the elements of the show together, gets a special thank you from my daughter, Lisa, who was stuck with the thankless job of production coordinator!  While I was up in Coventry rehearsing the Waifs, Peter acted as my on-site representative, coordinating the construction of the marquee, the installation of the lighting grid, set and seating, all the while making sure that the terms of the agreement with Blenheim Palace were observed.  It was Peter who consulted with Production Manager Doug Urquhart of Electra Film and Television Ltd., assuring that all the equipment and crews were assembled and sufficient to the task.  During the actual taping of the show, Doug acted as floor manager and Peter manned the outside broadcast video van, calling the lighting changes and anticipating shots for the four cameras.  It is always a joy to work with Peter and particularly on this production, it was a huge relief to know that the friend watching my back was one of the very best in the business.