The Grumpuss World Premiere Gala at
Blenheim Palace, 1 November 1997

The World Premiere Performance

   Notwithstanding the magnificent performances of bards of old, there was never a show like "Grumpuss" before. But for all the majesty of the world premiere, it was only a one night stand, a live performance entirely from memory and entirely in rhyme.  Click on the TRUMPETER for the inside story of the World Premiere of an original fantasy adventure told by Travis Edward Pike, one of America's greatest living storytellers.
The World Premiere Banquet

   In keeping with the bardic tradition, there was a bountiful feast after the show.  Click on the PIPER to join 100 of Travis' friends, fans and celebrity guests at the World Premiere Banquet held in the Long Library at Blenheim Palace, immediately following the history-making World Premiere performance.

“Happy memories of a happy night at Blenheim.”
— Lynn Redgrave.