The Original Otherworld Audio Theater Production

Adam Pike in his studio, Pasadena. CA

My youngest brother, Adam, runs his own sound studio where he mixed the 1987 demo of Morningstone, and ten years later, recorded David Carr's MIDI versions of the Grumpuss music for the rhythmic gymnasts' practices.  He printed all the parts and rushed them to the airport, too, but he was booked solid and couldn't attend the World Premiere.  When I began work on the original audio production, Adam created all the sound effects and did the superb audio mix.  Now, older and wiser, he still agreed to do the restoration, sweetening and remix of the 15th Anniversay Audio Theater Edition.

Phil Yeend and me, NSI, Burbank, CA

Talk about serendipity!  My conductor and arranger, David Carr, suggested I team with British expatriate Phil Yeend to record the Grumpuss narrative at NSI, Phil's busy production sound studio in Burbank, CA.  Well, back in 1974, Phil Yeend engineered the recording of my rock opera, Changeling, and it was Phil Yeend who gave young Philip Moores his first job in the recording industry. I introduced young Philip to TV production on the Fandango TV pilot for Cine-Media and when Philip moved back to the UK a few years back, that put him in place to supervise the post-production of the Grumpuss World Premiere video at Lip Sync, Ltd. in London.